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A Refreshing Transformation: Turning a Warehouse into a Pool House for Dock Diving Dogs

Updated: May 8

As I stood in the midst of paint buckets, brushes, and spray nozzles the vision of a vibrant and inviting pool house began to take shape. This week's project was not just another renovation; it was a transformation from a mundane warehouse into a space that exuded energy and recreation - a pool house in the making!

The first image showcases the initial stages of our project, setting the foundation for the upcoming transformation. As the walls grew brighter and the floors gleamed with a new finish, the warehouse ceased to be just a storage space. It was now evolving into a hub of leisure and relaxation, embodying the essence of a pool house. The space begins to reflect the vibrant colors and refreshing ambiance we aim to achieve in its transformation.

Mill Pond Kennels Dock Diving Pool House.

This past week, our journey began with Mark meticulously painting the main wall, infusing life into the space with every spray. While he focused on the aesthetics, my son Justin and I took on the task of decluttering and preparing the area for the next step - applying the Epoxy floor paint. With each task we accomplished, the warehouse evolved, resembling more of a pool house with every passing day.

Black Dog Looking off in distance.

We observed a rising interest in dock diving and dog swimming pools. This surge in engagement reflects a growing fascination with unique and recreational activities centered around water - the very essence we aim to capture in our pool house transformation.

Nothing refreshes a space like a fresh coat of paint! The transformation of the warehouse into a pool house was not just about aesthetics but creating a space that resonated with energy and vibrancy. Each layer of paint, each piece that we rearranged, was a step towards breathing new life into the space created for dock diving and pools for dogs.

If you find inspiration in our journey of turning a warehouse into a pool house, seize the opportunity to breathe new life into your surroundings. Let this be your moment to dive into creativity and rejuvenate your environment.

Dog Swimming in water

The journey of turning a warehouse into a pool house is not solely about color palettes and decor; it's about revitalizing a space and infusing it with a renewed purpose for safety and well-being of the dogs that come through. Just as water adapts and flows, our environment too can evolve into something vibrant and refreshing.

Through the tale of our warehouse-to-pool-house transformation, may you find inspiration to embark on your own creative endeavors and breathe new life into your surroundings.

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