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Obedience Training

habits with obedience & behavior

How long to form an obedient habit in dogs?

When a month or more has passed and your dog has not done that behavior under those conditions a new habit is formed. It takes time and effort to overcome habitual behaviors. Once there is a new habitual behavior it takes little effort to maintain it.

How long to change a dog's behavior?

Definition of Obedience...

Definition of Behavoir...

the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus.
plural noun: behaviours; plural noun: behaviors
"the feeding behavior of predators"

Our Training Explained

Our goal is to make your training as successful as possible from the moment you pick up your dog!  We simply do not believe in 2 week programs that force your dog to do things, or do not give your dog enough time to learn.   This simply leaves you calling back asking for more training, or makes your dog afraid (or worse in some cases aggressive)...   We do not believe that is fair to you, the dog, your pocket book, or your time.   You deserve better!   


Our facility wants you as successful and self reliant as possible from the moment the dog goes home.   Our habit forming teaching gives the dog understanding it needs while forming relationships here, much like his/her home and relationship with you.   The training at Mill Pond Kennels allows for a smoother transition back to home, with rules and techniques that can help you create the habits that your own home needs.

Mill Pond Kennels

It is for this reason we offer a 4 week board and train program

  • Habit Forming

  • Relationship Building

  • Teaching not Forcing

  • Not always about correction

  • Understanding, no confusion

  • Learning skills, not just tricks

  • Helping YOU transition your habits

  • Support even after training

  • Not needing another board and train later

  • Helping you understand how to communicate


Experienced Teaching Technique

proven results year after year

Teaching Phase

Accountability Phase

Repetition Phase

Definition of Teaching:   Ideas or principles taught by an authority.

We use positive associations and reinforcements to teach.   Forming a relationship with your dog is of utmost importance.   We refuse to teach in a way that makes us to be dictators and force positions and behaviors on a dog, that is unfair and simply does NOT teach anything but the authority is a bully.   By using positive reinforcements to teach light pressure based techniques we can form healthy associations, good relationship building, and actual learning.   This gets us a dog who understands and wants to work for us.

Definition of Accountability: the obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions.

At work, that might look like owning a mistake and sharing it as a learning experience.   Now that we have successfully taught the position or behavior, we can now fairly hold the dog accountable for their own actions and behaviors that aren't acceptable.  We work on each dog's level of accountability.   Just like some people can be softer than others, so are dogs!  Personality and knowing who they are in their core is so important.   We do not believe in one size fits all, that's why you must hire a trainer who will know exactly what a dog is needing to help it grow and move past this phase.   This phase is where dogs can get confused, so it's important to hire a trainer who understands what confusion is and how to help the dog understand what they are doing is not correct.  Only the action taught is the appropriate response and gets rewarded.   (reward the behavior you want)

Definition of Repetition:  recurrence of an action or event.

This phase is crucial for forming a habit.   This is what most training facilities leave out of their programs.   We simply want the best possible outcome for you and your dog, so we do not leave out this crucial time!  It only makes your training and transition to home that much more successful.   Dogs are not robots, they are living creatures that need habits in order to form good behavior and obedience.   Now that the dog understands they can't get away with unwanted behaviors  and  taught what the correct response is, we can now repeat it over and over again to form the habit.   This makes going home with you much less stressful on you and the dog, forming that great relationship and peace you desire.

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