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our Facility

Mill Pond Kennels

The MPK facility provides a safe, secure and clean "Home Away from Home". The facility offers several features to help stand out from the typical boarding kennel and customers have the piece of mind knowing that we take care of our dogs like they are our own.

No muddy holes causing accidents and sprained legs.
No collected water puddles with bacteria causing diarrhea and loss of apatite.

We have Eliminated mud, giardia & parasites.
We have Increased cleanliness and safety.
All This to get you the space that both you and your dogs will love.
a training facility that won't hurt your dog's health.



The health of your dog is our top priority at our facility. 

Our Potty Area:
K9Grass®  with raised floor

Wysiwash® Sanitize System

Stainless Steel Equipment

Double Floor Drainage

Enclosed outside with a Cedar Fence

Our Grass Yard Area:
Maintained with all natural pest solutions.

Large acreage for real world training.

Smaller enclosed Cedar Fence  for yard time.

Our Training Area:
Cleaned 2 times daily with Wysiwash.

Indoor Climate controlled area.

Crate Training.

Our dogs use the bathroom in their own designated run, with their own stainless steel water bucket.   Each run has a drainage system that enables waist to be removed immediately keeping them from stepping in their own waist, or another dog's waist, keeping them free from parasites, giardia, many other spreadable diseases, and bacteria while using the bathroom.   Cedar board fencing helps keep a defense against bugs as does natural pest control.


yard time


We offer training outside as well as in.  Our large acreage grass area allows for real life outdoor training safely around vehicles and in an outdoor open area.



Our smaller enclosed backyard provides pups a chance to stretch their legs and practice true off leash skills.
All yards maintained pest control with all natural products.


Training Room

We do not leave any dogs outside overnight.

Cleaned, Sanatized, and Vacumed twice a day.

Modern Safety, Security, and Air Quality Monitoring

Climate Controlled


Overnight Stay


Fire Extinguishers are present at every door.

Security Camera Monitored

CO2 Detection

Mila Air Sanitization 24/7

Air Quality Monitored

For dogs that are in training and/or boarding, MPK offers a 1200 sqft climate controlled indoor room.
This room is also used for keeping dogs in overnight.


MILA Air Sanitizer

Particle Detection

CO2 Detection

CO detection

Air Quality Monitored 24/7

Do we use crates?


My 1st priority is the health and well being of your dog while here.  We have personally seen what dogs staying in large runs do to the dog's stress levels and behavior.   Dog's are already stressed in a new environment, training, new people, etc...   We refuse to leave your dog in a large run and put itself in a health risk while under our care.


Learn more about why we use crates, how it will help your dog's stay, and how long they stay in them.    We are always open and honest about our program!

Interested In a Tour?

Please complete the form and we will contact you to schedule a tour of the facility.

Thanks for submitting! We will be getting in touch with you during the Weekday to confirm a date and time.


K9 Grass used at Mill Pond Kennels
Mill Pond Kennels offers a tour of the dog training facility


Wysiwash used at Mill Pond Kennels to disinfect every day
Mill Pond Kennels offers a tour of the dog training facility
Mason Kennels used in potty area at Mill Pond Kennels
K9 Grass used at Mill Pond Kennels

We are proud users of K9Grass® in our potty area... Artifical turf specifically designed for dogs.

No muddy paws, shifting gravel, and cold concrete.


Read more about K9Grass® here


Safe & Non Toxic

Use of premium materials that are completely safe and non-toxic to both humans and animals. Kids and dogs can roll around on the turf worry-free!



Designed with AlphaSan® antimicrobial technology built right into the blades AND backing to foster a cleaner, safer environment for dogs.



Premium Flow-Through Backing™ is integrated into all of our synthetic grass products to offer solutions that keep excess water and urine out of the turf.

No Infill

Having infill slows drainage, harbors waste, and makes it impossible to clean.  The product’s no-infill design prevents dogs from digging and chewing on bits of rubber, which is a choking hazard. 

2d5d7bf4856f7e42feadb592328a82d1_1200x copy_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Wysiwash used at Mill Pond Kennels to disinfect every day

We are proud users of...

  • EPA-Registered solution kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi, plus controls mold and algae

  • Concentrated Jacketed Caplets create an eco-friendly & biodegradable sanitizing solution that is non-hazardous to humans and animals

Read more about Wysiwash® here


Non-Irritating to Animals & Human

The EPA-approved formula is safe to use around animals and humans, yet tough enough to kill infectious diseases like Parvovirus, and bacteria like Giardia.  Effective as well with Mold and Mildew!

shutterstock_496659352 copy.jpg

Complete Odor Control

Enzyme-based deodorizers are susceptible to a variety of environmental factors that reduce their effectiveness. Wysiwash effectively eliminates odor no matter what the weather is like.

shutterstock_1830154085 copy.jpg

Virus Disinfectant

Effective against parvo, giardia, & many common animal pathogens.  Founded out of the desire to save the lives of animals from infectious diseases.  Also kills staph as well as Salmonella.

shutterstock_668593321 copy.jpg

Biodegradable & Safe to use on Grass and Plant

Wysiwash is eco-friendly and safe to use around children, pets, and plants. It is biodegradable and won’t damage your trees or plants.

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno

We are proud users of...


  • Habit forming tool that helps the dog learn to keep calm under supervision

  • Proven to reduce stress by creating a den environment

  • Safe and secure for all dogs, no jumping and barking habits.

  • Potty Training at it's best!   Schedule and crates help the dog understand when it's time to "go".

Read more about crates from others here.


Habit Forming

As you may have read we are huge about habit forming!   If we can teach a dog how to remain calm while exciting things are going on around it, we get better overall training!  Crates are a first step to that.  The dog must learn to keep calm while other dogs are training and people are coming in and out.  Also helps with potty training!


Den Enviroment

Clean and safe, crates act like a den to keep dogs calm in a new place with people and other dogs they do not know.  That is simply something they are not used to!    It's simply not fair to think the dog feels safe automatically.   Creating a den provides security for the dog, keeping it calm and healthy while during the stay here.


Crate Training when you Need it.

Hurricanes, Floods, Hospital Visits, etc...  These are all a big part of our lives.   Your dog will be prepared in case an emergency happens and you must crate your dog or get to a shelter.    We know crates aren't for everyone, but your dog will be prepared for emergencies when they come!


Secure Place for Safety

No Jumping up and hurting themselves.   We often think larger space is kind, but dogs stress out, bark, and jump in them.   We've seen it many many times.   They hurt legs, paws, teeth, nose, get cuts, and loose weight.  The health of your dog is too important to us to let this happen.

Image by Ryunosuke Kikuno




Our dogs do stay overnight in their assigned crate, and some time during the day depending on where they are at in training.

Dogs that have learned down/stay move up to our more advanced area where they are able to get out of the crate and practice how to be calm while OUTSIDE of the crate.   Remember we are about habit forming!  How can you have a habit without practicing the down/stay?

We do offer reinforce training and walks as part of your dogs boarding stay!   With reinforced training we are able to keep good habits and work with your dog in our advanced area as well as walks outside.   You get to choose!

MPK Offers…

  • Climate Controlled Kennel

  • Individual airing yards for exercise and potty.

  • The best in Obedience

  • Home feel training to meet your lifestyle

  • Personalized training programs

  • Phone Support after your dog is home

  • Payment plans

  • Discounts for Veterans & First Responders

  • Over 35 years of experience

  • 3 Trainers to ensure your dog's success

  • Weekly Video Updates

  • Access to learning video library

  • NEW fitness daycare option

  • Gym Membership


About the Trainers

Meet The Team

Dog Trainer coming soon



7 years experience

Kyna's calm demenor and good heart has made her the backbone of the kennel.

Her background in  management skills and vet clinics has made her a wonderful team player and has grown her care for animals, and customers alike.

She thrives keeping us all on track!  She has become the mom of the kennel making sure everyone stays scheduled and taken care of.

Nikki Sonnier, lead dog trainer at Mill Pond Kennels

Nikki Sonnier


7 years experience

  Nikki has the passion and desire to train dogs.​  Her love of dog training comes from a long time German based sport, for K9s, called Shutzhund or IPO.   High Obedience and focus is a must in IPO  K9's.  This high obedience standard in dogs makes training for these qualities greatly desired.   

  She looks forward to working with you and hearing your story!

Dog Training coming soon


coming soon...

Mark Sonnier founder of Mill Pond Kennels

Mark Sonnier


40 years experience

Founder of Mill Pond Kennels.

Mark's background in dog training started back in the mid 80's training hunting dogs as a hobby. While working for corporate companies and training dogs, his hobby and passion for dog training grew into a full time career. In 2007 he opened the doors to Mill Pond Kennels becoming a professional trainer specializing in waterfowl hunting dogs, dog obedience and dog boarding.

Coming soon dog trainer




7 years experience

Meredith's kind heart and empathy for dogs has lead her to caring for yours!   She takes the lead when it comes to the health and well being of the dogs.
She has started working with dogs over 7 years ago in daycare kennels and has since expanded out to her own dog sitting business. 


 She strives to provide the best care possible for each individual animal, meeting their needs and keeping them happy, healthy, and safe. The pets she cares for are just as special to her as her own animals!  She takes joy in helping care for animals with more specialized needs.



Mark & Nikki Sonnier


Why is Your Program So Long?

This is the most asked question we receive.   

Find out why and how we train and what is the difference between a shorter board and train and ours.

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