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  • Each dog and their “Handler” are a competition team and each team competes head‐to‐head against  the other teams to see who can jump the farthest distance.

  • Each team is allotted 90 seconds to get the dog down the dock and into the water.

  • The Judge will evaluate all jumps.

  • The official jump distance will be measured, and when it’s all said and done, the dog that jumps the farthest takes home the crown!

Distance is a “long jump for dogs”. The dog, which may be placed anywhere on the 40′ dock, runs and jumps into the water after a throw toy (provided by the handler) is tossed. The distance is judged from the end of the dock to where the tail set of the dog breaks the water’s surface.

Dock Diving

Dock jumping also known as dock diving is a dog sport in which dogs compete in jumping for distance or height from a dock into a body of water.

  • Each team is allowed to use a maximum of 20 feet of the dock surface and is allotted 60 seconds to jump in the air while attempting to remove the “Bumper” from the Extender Arm. If the team misses on the first attempt, they will immediately return to the dock and will be given a second and final attempt to remove the bumper.

  • For the competitions, a “Bumper” is hung from a specially designed Extender Arm 2 feet height from the dogck and placed at various feet from the edge of the dock.  The Bumper is then placed at the chosen starting height for each team.

  • Rounds will continue with the bumper being moved in 1 foot increments per round until the dog that jumps the furthest takes home the Prize!

Air Retrieve

Vertical® is a “long jump” for dogs. The dog starts off at the 20’ mark on the dock & jumps up to grab a bumper toy extended out from the end of the dock over the water. The starting height for Vertical is 2' & goes out in 1' increments as competition progresses.

  • The newest form of competition,  which was introduced in 2008, has nothing to do with the dogs ability to jump but rather its speed.

  • Similar to Vertical, in HydroDash each team is  allowed to use a  maximum of 20 feet of the dock surface and is allotted 60 seconds to get into the water. However, instead of measuring distance or height, each dog is racing against the clock.

  • Upon entering the water, each dog must swim to the end of a 40 foot pool and remove the designated object from a modified  Extender Arm in order to complete their timed run.

  • The dog that removes the object the fastest wins and walks home with the prize and more importantly the bragging rights.

Speed Retrieve is a “timed event”. At the far end of the pool a bumper toy is suspended 2” above the water with a starting indicator light above it. The dog is then placed at the 20’ white starting mark on the dock, when the light turns green the handler releases the dog, the time clock stops when the dog has pulled the toy from the HydroDash bracket.

A Few Simple Rules

  • The dog must be AT LEAST 6 months old, and handler must be AT LEAST 7 years old to compete or practice.

  • No pushing, shoving or throwing the dog in the water. He/She must go willingly!

  • When at an event all dogs must be on a 4′ leash, 8′ away from other dogs at all times or in a crate within the kenneling area.

Dock Diving Clubs

See a list of clubs that we suggest you visit if you would like to train your dog yourself!


Let us know if you would like us to start or complete your IPO sport training!



Visit here for good reads on the Dock Diving

Sport World.


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