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Mill Pond Kennels


Obedience Training can be offered in 2 different ways that keep you feeling comfortable and confident in your dog's schooling.

Dog ready to train with leash.




This IS our most popular training program.   Your dog stays with us and learns important habit forming obedience.    This program helps you to create the dog you can handle in your home.

Most Popular Program

Great for Busy Families

Habit Forming Techniques

Fitness Training Included

Video Updates and Training

Puppy with ball ready for structured training.



Day-School Services provide a training opportunity to teach the skills necessary for our new Fitness Center Program as well as Obedience.

Skills Taught On a Leash

No Board Dogs at Home

Habit Forming Techniques

Fitness Training Included

Drop Off Daily Service

Training FOR Grooming

Frustrated with your dog needing sedation just to be groomed?

Grooming not only looks and smells great, but is necessary for the health of some breeds.   We understand and would love to help!   Now introducing grooming training!


Set Drop off days:
Leave your dog with us during the day while you work and pick him/her up during regular hours.   



Left at Home gets you no where.
This service offers ample opportunity for your dog to get loved on and learn socializing at a groomer.


Regularly Scheduled Baths
1. Bath
2. Brush Out
3. Nail Trim
4. Ear Plucking
5. Anal Glands

Training for grooming

During the dog's daycare stay we use positive reinforcement to introduce brushing, clipper noise and feel, while teaching 'sit' and 'down'.   This is NOT grooming, this is training for the dog to behave while the tools of grooming are out.   It is also exposure to these tools in a grooming environment.   The more positive exposure to grooming, the better the dog gets at actual grooming.    This is not a board and train service, just a daycare service while helping your dog with real world behavior!

You wanna do what's best for your family, so do we.

Let us show you the training that gets you the best training for your dog with the least amount of time and money.

Yorkie puppy attending puppy socialization class for early training

What should I expect from the training?

Are you curious about what makes our training different?  We want you to have quality training that lasts.

Happy mixed breed dog showing off tricks learned in positive reinforcement training

Clear communication and expectations are a must.

Learn about our forms, handlers course, and FB updates that make it easy to keep in touch with us and get the most for your dog!

Puppy learning leash manners in a positive reinforcement dog training class
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