Our mission is to provide a safe, secure and clean "Home Away from Home". Bedding and toys are welcome but will be supervised.

Please bring your dogs food with you. It is best to keep your dog on its regular diet.Normal routine for the kennel is the dogs are fed, watered and aired in the morning and as needed. They enjoy playtime in one of the twenty two airing yards morning and afternoon during the cooler hours.


Midday, nature walks and pond swim playtime are also available by request. Be sure to ask us about our Professional Dog Training. Please take note of the information below.


If you have any question, feel free to call us.

Drop Off / Pick Up
(Closed holidays)

Per night’s stay with your food

Single Dog

▪$25 per night, first dog regardless of size or weight


Multi Dog

▪$20 per night, per additional dog regardless of size or weight


Train & Board / Brush & Board ▪$35 per night includes training and boarding

Additional Charges:

Food charge - $2 each feeding

Administration of medications - $5 each dose

Out of hours pick up / drop off - $20

Bath - $20 each

Additional airing yard playtime - $20 each

30 minute on-lead nature walk - $30 each

3o Pond swim - $20 each

Vet visit - $40 plus expenses each

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