Mill Pond Kennels is local to the Duson, LA area offering Dog Training Solutions and Dog Boarding. Dog Training services specializing in Basic Obedience & Advanced Obedience, Puppy Training, and Hunting Dogs. All MPK training programs and boarding will exceed your expectations. Initial consultations are always FREE.

The Kennel Facility…

The MPK facility provides a safe, secure and clean "Home Away from Home". The facility offers several features to help stand out from the typical dog boarding kennel and customers have the piece of mind knowing that the owner lives on the premises.Customers have the ability to unload dogs under the covered drive and walkway is convenient for rain or shine. The 1500 sqft climate controlled kennel facility consists of twenty eight runs. Furthermore the dogs enjoy playtime in their own outside airing yard.In addition for dogs that are in training, MPK offers a 900 sqft climate controlled indoor training room. This room is also used for handler seminars, meetings, and events.

Dog Obedience Training…

Mill Pond Kennels offer two levels Dog Obedience Training Programs. Basic dog obedience is on lead training that will address most common issues and training with your dog such as leash pulling, teaching heel, stay (extended sit), here or come, NO, Jumping Up, etc… Advanced dog obedience is an add-on off-lead training program. In addition, Custom training programs can be designed to fit your family’s lifestyle.

Mill Pond Kennels offers puppy, basic, and advanced group dog training classes as well as Private Dog Training Lessons. If you want to reach a terrific achievement with your dog.

Hunting Dogs

   Whichever you prefer to call them, Mill Pond Kennels trains Gun Dogs / Hunting Dogs / Duck Dogs by Hunt Test standards of the HRC - Hunting Retriever Club. Mill Pond Kennels offers several hunting dog training solutions. A maximum of 8 gun dogs ensures daily individual attention to your dog. All dogs will be taught kennel and crate manners as well as no jumping and barking. Basically everything that will make him a better companion while relaxing at the camp with your buddies or customers.


   Your retriever will learn marking skills off of remote units called a Thunder Launcher. We use these units to create single and multiple mark scenarios. These units provide the sound of gunfire while launching bumpers high into the air teaching dogs to learn “marking off of the gun”. Gunners Up Wingers with Tri-Tronics Remote Releasers are used for launching birds. Ducks do not fly from the duck blind nor should fly from your side.

   Yard work is done on the same 4-acre lot where the kennel is located. Here we introduce decoys, ATV’s, and gun fire etc... As your dog advances, he/she will learn Basic Obedience, Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch, Basic Marking, Water Retrieves and Pile/Line Drills here as well.


   We travel for Field Work to public and private training grounds around the area. These areas include plowed fields, pasture land, swamp, rice fields, lakes, and marsh. The variety of grounds ensure that your dog is exposed many types of hunting environments and situations. We utilize blinds, “Mojo Mallards” and duck/goose decoys while training on these grounds to simulate real hunting conditions.



   Puppy Headstart programs are available for younger dogs to introduce them to learning to learn and socialization to duck hunting.


   Our Started Hunting Dog program is a retriever trained with basic obedience, collar conditioning, and to be steady. The dogs will pick up bumpers and birds. This Program is 4 months in length. Hand signals or casting is not part of this program.


   The Finished Gun Dog Program is addition training to the Started Program. Dog will learn hand signal or casting. This training will allow you to help your dog get to a bird quicker if mismarked or send a dog on a blind retrieve for a bird he/she didn’t see a fall. The additional training generally adds 2 to 3 months to the Started program for a total of 6 to 7 months


   Pre-Season Tune Up is to brush up on your dogs already learned skills to prepare for the up coming hunting season. Minimum of 1 month is required but 2 months is recommended. Plenty of exercise and brushing their skills will ensure a successful hunting season.Keep in mind your dog can complete each level earlier or later. This depends on him or her, each dog learns at their own pace. All problems, set backs, and accomplishments are honestly discussed with you. We are committed to helping after your dog returns home. You are always invited to come back and train with us.