A Service Dog can empower, aid, comfort, and support their owner, significantly improving their quality of life. 




MPK trains custom service dogs for individuals with seen and unseen disabilities. In addition to sound Advanced Obedience and Socialization training, specific specialty work or tasks are performed by the service dogs directly related to the individuals disability and needs. If you are a person in need of a service dog, don’t hesitate to contact Mark. MPK is an in-home training service which makes training much more affordable. Below are just a few benefits and specialty tasks that MPK trained service dogs can provide to their owners.


What general qualities of life does the dog help with?

• Emotional stability and comfort reassurance in social outings to build self esteem

• Create a need to be needed

• Alert an adult handler to take medicine

• Decrease depression, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate

• Provide a calming presence

Dogs for Veterans and First Responders:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

• Ground the handler to current time and place during day dreams or nightmares

• Stress and anger alerting

• Act as a buffer in crowded places

• Wake and encourage the handler for walks and social interaction

• Reduce life numbing and blurring medications

Dogs for the Autism Spectrum:

How can a Service Dog help a person with Autism?

• Help prevent a child from bolting by using a dual-tethering system

• Aid in reducing the frequency of certain situations and/or tantrums

• Help prevent or interrupt impulsive or destructive behaviors

• Help reduce behaviors such as roaming, humming, hand clapping and repetitive jumping

• Independence from holding a parent’s hand

• Provide calming tactile pressure during car rides, in public or at bedtime

Dogs for Mobility Assistance:

What can a Service Dog do for those needing Mobility Assistance?

• Open and close doors, cabinets or refrigerators

• Turn lights on and off

• Retrieve items from the floor

• Assist in pulling wheelchairs

• Provides stability for standing or bracing during a transfer

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