Puppy Training with Mill Pond Kennels
You are in charge...

For puppies 4 to 5 months old...

Your dog has 2 options with Mill Pond Kennels.  You decide how you would like training to go!

Puppy Foundation

This is the equivalent of T-ball for your dog.   We start with basics and work strictly on making training fun.   At this age it is so important to have rules, but not overwhelm your puppy with strict discipline.   This can and will cause your dog to not want to do anything for you and become fearful.   We use food as motivation for learning and teach engagement between you and your puppy.  The finished product is a puppy who is ready to learn formal training and has a wonderful head-start to doing so.    Most people who choose this program want a break in between training programs.

4 week board and train


puppy training.jpg

Puppy Foundation

Off Leash


This program is our most sought after. and is the equivalent of your dog going home now knowing how to play baseball rather than T-Ball.  The end product is a well trained dog who you will listen with or without treats.  They will go into training with puppy foundation and then continue right away with off leash training.  This gets your training done right away.  Avoiding them having to leave home again.   It saves you time away and money as well!  He/She will learn all commands on and off of a leash.   These dogs also graduate as one of the best dogs in our kennel.

8 week board and train

(saves you 2 weeks and $400 if your end goal is off leash training)







For dogs 4 to 5 months old who runs around the house at full speed all the time with no sense of impulse control.  By teaching foundations, we can make your puppy experience even better.

Save time and money

get rid of bad habits...


Puppy Foundation +OFF LEASH

Want the best training bang for your buck?





You wanna do what's best for your family, so do we.

Let us show you the training that gets you the best training for your dog with the least amount of time and money.


6 months

interest free

financing available

Let us show you the training that gets you the best training for your dog with the least amount of time and money.


What should I expect from the training?

Are you curious about what makes our training different?  We want you to have quality training that lasts.


Clear communication and expectations are a must.

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